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i'm. down with fracking see demonstrators around the world who hit the streets protesting against the controversial drilling practice and demanding their governments consider its environmental impact. with syria locked in a deadly struggle between the government and opposition forces we get access to a rebel stronghold. violent clashes break out between protesters and police in italy as a new round of budget cuts lead to angry crowds gathering on the road streets. and the u.s. by a leader proves more than a billion dollars in aid to pakistan is the u.n. pushes washington for more transparency over its deadly drone program.
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for am in moscow i met good to have you with us here on r.t. our top story demonstrators are marking frak down day with activists around the world urging governments to put an end to the controversial extraction method say hello to what's been happening at some of the protests the state of pennsylvania has become a symbol for gas development gone wrong with numerous fracking accidents in recent years that sentiment particularly strong in pittsburgh and philadelphia in new york protesters demanded authorities change their ways of thinking about the environment they say across the atlantic spanish activists campaign for renewable energy sources and a group called young friends of the earth gathered in london to highlight concerns about how the younger generation could be affected by the practice artie's laura smith reporting that british authorities are still saying yes to the technique. it's going to make household energy bills she says it will create loads of job c.
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and we'll pay you if you do this in your area u.k. prime minister david cameron has got behind flocking in a big way evangelical in his drive to sell it to the british people north and south it's a tough sell they as he found out from environmental groups and local people worried about the countryside being hauled off and down the u.k. . locals campaign is barricaded to propose during the night but to money and they now vowed to move back to wherever. the fracking energy goes next. and they've got the experience of americans to back them up one hundred times more fracking well yeah in the us than in the whole of europe an environmental impact
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showing campaign is local gas and dangerous chemicals leaking out from underground contaminated water systems. to equity and even quakes. and they've been seen here in the u.k. record by drilling. but the government decided that didn't deploy a ban on the technique according to cameron it would be a big mistake to rule cracking out on environmental grounds in the choice between boosting the economy and saving the environment the british prime minister has come down firmly on the side of the economy let's take a look at how fracking works and why so many people say they're worried about it first you drill into shale rock vertically and horizontally creating a well and water and chemicals are pumped in to extract gashed. from it millions of dollars of dollars of liquidity used for the process possible range of different
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substances and sand the problem is many of the chemicals can then rise back to the surface and contaminate drinking water nearby lakes and rivers additionally the soil could be affected by the toxic substances experts saying that eating food grown from it could pose dangerous to health methane also achieve component of under underground natural gas and it leaks out from frocked wells and could pollute the air environmental campaigner vanessa vine says the technique can't be regulated i'm here in solidarity with the people in so-called new brunswick make more people who are being accused of being violent and throwing molotov cocktails is possible there's agent provocateur element there we don't know with the people in romania who are being cleared from the roads the farmers by the police with the people in my community i live four miles from borkum i've had to jump over a fence to get out of the way of the police it has been absolutely appalling the way our police force who are supposed to protect life and property are being made by our government to force through corporate eco side we're not fringe
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environmental nutters eco freaks we are i'm a regular person who lives nearby who's looked at the uninvested research and i do not trust this it is not a bridging feel we should have kicked our addiction to fossil fuels decades ago now if you solar panels and wind few wind turbines won't sort it because we've continued to get fossil fuels out of the ground with increasingly dangerous techniques it is unregulated will the uninvested experts and those who used to be in the industry who have turned around and now whistle blowing are saying this cannot be regulated it's not environmentalist it's regular people it's native people on the ground it's people in rural pennsylvania rural australia upper middle class middle middle england it's people across the world remaining in france germany are saying no because they're looking at the truth not what this short term political ambition and industry corporate interest is trying to force on us. one survey found seventy four percent of europeans say they're worried about the possibility of companies using fracking techniques in their neighborhoods when it
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happened in one romanian a village locals protested against oil giant chevron forcing it to suspend operations there and in the capital bucharest there now be a referendum next month on how to proceed artie's polya boyko met some of the people who stood up to the company. u.s. oil giant chevron has the remaining government blessing to start exploratory trolling for shell gas in the area protesters from pena gathered here kristie with the local villagers in opposition to the deal was an enormous political fraud see if they didn't come to our stooge point what they want to do or how it will affect us that's why we're protesting. is dangerous because they will poison our water and we won't be able to form any more and raise our animals and if we can do this what are we supposed to do. there maybe and government says brace shale gas in order to achieve energy independence but that's something that local villages here say that they don't want to pay for with their safety here's my
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report on the bustle waging between chevron and the local people that just want to open their doors to fracking locals in this remote region of or mania have been saddled with an ongoing to guest u.s. energy giant chevron is due to begin drilling for shale gas bills ople agriculture is our lives they come to drill in our soil for sure all will die because we've seen them in the you know what they have done in other places when they grew up many residents here fear that the process of fracking could release chemicals into the soil and contaminate the water the extract of deficit i'm so afraid of this kind of guess exploitation people say they will be big problems for our animals grow the wood who will be our president and this one on the food animals and for us and our children as well we have children and grandchildren what should we do these locals and environmentalist have been camped out here braving the elements in order
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to stand up to us oil giant chevron and the remaining government which has given them the green light to start exploratory drilling and not feel david that without any public consultation problem. gives you just people and too real. this. feeling of puking because they didn't ask. we didn't matter to them the sense of betrayal is acknowledged by most protest as chevron the forced to leave the area last week i'm able to get past the locals human chain around the site but it's only a matter of time before they were a time when you guess they don't have any future because the children of present the future the old people in the village told us that they can die but they say it's important for us to have a future chevron told us see that they have all the required permits to begin
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drilling and plan to return to the site and begin fracking safety as soon as they can something that's less than reassuring for the growing number of people gathering head result was not when we hope to stop them even if it means paying with our lives if we want to send the army we will die if it is fate is for us to die so let it be who won't give up until the frankly in romania point and i see you just stay romania. and we're following other demonstrations against fracking that are going on across the globe or monitoring them on our website r t dot com and plotting them here on our map for example you can see in the highlighted countries south africa or south america the united states places where there are currently anti fracking demonstrations still going on.
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a suicide bombings claimed the lives of sixteen syrian soldiers near damascus it's being blamed on al qaeda affiliated militants meanwhile other opposition factions have been calling on western governments for military and financial aid are to marry if an ocean one of the few journalists reporting from syria she spoke with members of the rebel free syrian army inside territory they control. and i usually cross the syrian lebanese border every day many times i'm gewandhaus son is a soldier for the free syrian army not for joe are you on a mission of we take injured people to lebanon hospitals we get ammunition from there we bring mujahideen in and out if i just want to go to see their families a cell is a safe haven in the middle of our cell is a mostly sunni lebanese village on the syrian border. along this road which appeared here in the first days of the conflict in two thousand and eleven it's
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possible to reach all of syria's main battlefields bring in weapons or militants and many have done in those two and a half years. damascus has repeatedly called on foreign nations to stop supporting what it calls terrorists in syria but with these calls apparently ignored taking the capital remains the ultimate go for all the forces fighting crested and assad noticed all of. the security bill that the regime created around damascus is huge and to targeted we need many fighters in advanced weapons and to be honest we don't have those kinds of weapons but what we can do is watch operations here and there to relieve the pressure on the regime last month's attack on the village of malala here in the southwest of the country could be part of that strategy this ancient mostly christian settlement lies in a valley surrounded by mountains on the way from homs to damascus it's loyal to the syrian authorities but surrounded by f.s.a. held villages it is practically the only obstacle to venton fighters from to launch
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syrian battlegrounds uniting in more than a month of clashes between islamists and opposition fighters on one side and governmental forces on the other dozens were killed according to government sources and the siege continued while we feel and at the scene what you can see over there is that nile a village we can see actually the village itself the book we can see is the hotel saffir that the middleton fairfield holding for weeks now so right now we are on the other side of the clashes. from here to the hotel is territory held by the rebels after safai hotel it's the regime this is the highway to damascus but we cannot reach it because of my own rula. the fighters seized control of the heights around the village while we were filming it was still held by them.
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as was the case you see the prices hundreds of thousands of tourists used to just take a look at this national these days does this do leases where you see these trees that house the current soldiers of the syrian army when we were in mali alongside the army there were snipers in these very caves in the mountains around the village stopping us from getting out when i was stuck here in this corner and we're now trying to get out of here but while f.s.a. soldiers can hold their opponents they seem unable to make their own advances i don't know how mount an f.s.a. fighter was injured in the new order he says they need more money and american military aid washington has conceded a limited assault on syrian military bases over august's chemical attack you know if they strike with just ten rockets the regime of bashar al assad will fall by itself. but america changed track up to moscow pushed washington to agree on
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a peaceful way forward to build its warships spec from mediterranean and put its tomahawks on hold it didn't please everyone. saying us all of them are liars the americans the arabs all of them i don't know how i can express it better and we're not hoping for anything from them. with army forces struggling to come but fighters haydon in the mountains and militants helpless in the face of government tanks artillery and the asian countries at a deadly impasse is neither side prepared to blink first marty's morea for notion of reports from fragmenting syrian rebel held territories. syria on rebel group. in a row morality against italy's twenty fourteen budget turned violent was scuffles breaking out between protesters and police at least fifteen people arrested several people wounded as well as going off reports. at some point during the. rally which
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has been taking place throughout the last two days really in central role a group of young radical protestors started throwing eggs at the finance ministry and also throwing bottles sticks and the so-called thunder flashes or paper bombs as they're called here at the police who are providing security at the protest rally as a result several policemen were injured and we understand that arrests have also been made these rallies they've been going on for the past two days now and they are aims to protest against austerity measures and they have economic problems which italy is only going through according to different figures from fifty thousand to seventy thousand people took part in this event they are protesting against high taxes extremely high youth unemployment and also one of the other. points of this protest was against plans to build
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a high speed train line between italy and france since they say that it's going to be its construction is going to be harmful both to the environment and is going to be a threat to the health of the locals living in that area italy's going through the worst recession since the second world war a youth unemployment is standing at just over forty percent and really the latest protests have been caused by the release of the state budget which critics say doesn't really solve any problems and what we're seeing here now really reminds us that italy is still in la in the same line with the other e.u. states like greece and portugal and actually for instance in portugal thousands have also taken to the streets also earlier on saturday also protesting against austerity measures. still to come in the program the hand that feeds pakistan said to get more than a billion dollars from the u.s. in military and economic aid despite international concern over washington's deadly
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drone program bus. and yearly anonymous firm operating in britain's health care schools transportation and other services. never heard of serco going to run away and on the ground yet not exactly learn about a blue chip government services company that few britons have ever heard of but is being investigated for fraud and mismanagement this and more after a short break. is real journalism a thing of the past and much of the western world in the name of security challenging the official media message of the elites is often met with serious threats and reprisals whistleblowers are damned in need to feel severe consequences what remains is a deafening echo chamber warning all to get in line or else. it's a quick fix for a long and increasingly intoxicating addiction the us may have avoided but it keeps
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dragging the world into an ever deeper debt home is it still possible to break this vicious cycle. nineteen minutes past the hour now the u.s. has quietly approved one point six billion dollars in military and economic aid to pakistan at puts an end to a two year hiatus that washington during which washington cut off funds to the
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country the deal comes after the u.n. released data collected by pakistani officials that indicated that in the last decade u.s. drone strikes killed more than four hundred civilians in pakistan and the war activist richard becker thinks pakistan's government is ready to overlook the deaths in return for washington's eight. i think that we witnessed a charade in the relations between the u.s. and pakistan for for many many years where the u.s. carries out these blatant violations of international law. murder from the air the drones. and the government pretends to object the money keeps flowing and the charade keeps keep just keeps going on the united states has really been given a blank check by various pakistani governments to carry out the drone attacks and at the same time object and at the same time keep receiving the aid and gather they wanted the skies what they're really doing the actions that they're really carrying
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out which are not in the interest of the people of pakistan or afghanistan or of the united states or for that matter to buy that are in the interest of empire and those who collaborated with the center of power in washington always plenty more stories for you online including this filled to the max you case this is reaching ninety nine percent capacity with only about eight hundred forty cells empty in the country but an r.v. dot com for the details on that plus. you get to the japanese a company they're inventing a horrible way soup that can protect against radiation from a growing fears of radioactive water leaking into the sea from the fukushima nuclear plant or on a website. a huge firm involved in operating britain's health care schools transport and other services stands accused of massive fraud and mismanagement for such a big company with fingers in so many pies is hardly known to anyone in britain or he takes
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a look. for bicycles for rent to health services prisons speed cameras ambulances and even the government's work programme for the jobless chances are they're operated by global private companies that you may have never even heard of have you ever heard of the companies. should know better about. have you ever heard of the confiscate the companies be. never had never heard of serco. and on the ground you know one of the biggest companies providing public service is a thanks to outsource government contractors a company called serco operating various services for the transport for london electronic tagging a presence for the ministry of justice and some out of hours general practice services for the national health service now these are just powerful areas of the company operates and the company is currently making headlines as is being investigated for fraud mismanagement the long list of complaints on the quality of
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the service it provides are they competent to have their expertise. they really effectively manage the service and i think. it's becoming clear that. serco for its part has said that the situation is being dealt with we will embed quickly and effectively any changes needed into the way we do business and we expect to emerge stronger as a result that practices. publicity two different things the u.k. government is set to continue on its massive outsourcing drive the n.h.s. or the health service for instance isn't working on its single a big it's a contract to date inviting bids valued between seven hundred million and one point one billion pounds one of the reasons that these public markets often well is because the pace and scale of the reform is causing significant problems in the rush to develop public service markets avoidable areas have. often been made and
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design and i decide what we would as the government is to slow down taken from the state and print them out of the system before another me think grabs the headline but there doesn't seem to be any slowing down on the part of the government and for those in the private sector it's simply business as usual tests are still you are to london or not to some other stories making international headlines in argentina a commuter train ramming into a platform injuring at least eighty people in buenos aires yet to be determined why it failed to come to a stop at the end of the line incident happening at the same station where fifty one people were killed in a similar crash last year. any indian state of the tar project at least thirty two people have been killed after drinking tainted liquor police arrested the owner of a shop where the victims mostly laborers bought the alcohol more than fifty people also being treated in hospitals several been having lost their eyesight because of
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the toxic work. in paris the students rallied in support of a deported or almost schoolgirl this despite the announcement by french president along that she could return to the country but without her family protesters surrounded by police march through the city's main streets chanting slogans and waving banners at least one person was arrested after trying to break through this according to security court. while in the czech republic some citizens don't seem to be as supportive of minority groups in the city of more than three hundred protesters demonstrated against the country's roma community they tried to march toward a district heavily populated by the group but police halted them with tear gas. the decades long feud over water resources between three neighboring southern u.s. states is heating up all pointing the fingers at each other over for over consumption of water that could threaten agriculture and industry in the area are teasels war reports. for over two decades three states have
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been in a bitter battle over water now the fight has reached a boiling point there's certainly an issue about whether there's enough water for everybody georgia alabama and florida all have a stake in the apalachicola chattahoochee flynn's river system it's the source of drinking water fishing business and recreation or i'm standing right now i am in georgia just on be a very side of this river that's alabama of the water is flowing down south into the state of florida and with all three states having a stake in this river it's leading to a war over water early october florida filed a lawsuit against georgia and the supreme court the sunshine state charged its northern neighbor with using too much water florida says georgia's water consumption is drying out business for oyster farmers oysters need a healthy mix of fresh and salt water to thrive so who is sucking up the most water
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many blame out lana the city is growing and so is its third for water. is population growth this comb this climate change is coming we're starting to stretch our water resources particularly periods of drought but outside florida experts keeping an eye on the water level of the chattahoochee river say it's not all atlanta's fault but that there's all a lot of climate change strands we see less rainfall the new year will last ten years and that certainly affects the flow into apalachicola and there's a lot of other variables that have an effect or so years earlier than just various warders the neighboring states have been fighting over their rivers resources for over twenty years one lawsuit after another there's been no solution that clinches everyone's thirst it's not very often that the come to. a. consensus around something that both people have given taking on though you
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their winner lose usually in court you think of the close of twenty three years of litigation and these and then the federal agencies that are involved it's enormous for the most part the river is regulated by the army corps of engineers if florida gets its way the corps would force atlanta to cut back on its water consumption and divvy up the water among the three states but some that have a stake in the river still hold out hope that the dispute can be settled outside of the courts i would hope that within the next five years that the three states can get to the table and bring world solution in columbus georgia liz wahl r.t. . coming up after a short break we take a closer look at gun control in the u.s. senate a small county in the state of kentucky where firearms are a part of everyday life stay with us.
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sigrid laboratory to mccurry was able to build a most sophisticated robot which on fortunately doesn't give a dollar amount anything tunes mission to teach music creation why it should care about humans and. this is why you should care only on the. economic down in the final. days of the old saying i and the rest because i think he will be if we.
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this is cumberland county in south kentucky deep in the american countryside far from the sprawl of urban life. a place where alcohol is neither sold nor consumed and the bible reigned supreme. in a village of eight hundred people there are forty churches. it is a pious closed community get weapons are a part of every day life here for protection and so hunting. xposed from childhood it is not unusual here to own your first gun in kindergarten. how many people own guns in this village more provigil than down. there are these things that are here.


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